Adonis One is marketing their new in-flight entertainment system designed with high-end, luxury travel in mind.  The system allows charter and personal jet operators the opportunity to give their passengers entertainment and perks on their own mobile personal devices.

Once on the plane, passengers can wirelessly connect to the Adonis One network, allowing travelers to watch movies, listen to music, read magazines, and even take a look in the cockpit.  HTML labs provided the Adonis One user interface, digital media management system, as well as consulting on the hardware components.


UI Design and Custom Multimedia System


Adonis One

What We Did

UI, Company Branding, Multimedia system

Living the High Life, Made Easy

While flight attendants are passing out the champagne, passengers utilizing the Adonis One in-flight entertainment system, can enjoy a recent movie on their tablet or smartphone.  If a passenger is curious how close they are to arrive at the destination, it is easy to switch over to the custom flight tracking system built into the Adonis One so see live location information.  When ready for a second glass of pinot, passengers can call the concierge and have a refill in moments.  The Adonis One allows jet operators to improve their service and give passengers a little extra luxury.

Features and Options

Clean, intuitive user interface and system designs made for high end, luxury travelers.  Navigating between various multimedia types is straightforward, and easy to understand.  Multimedia featured on the Adonis One includes: Movies, Music, Magazines, live location maps and streaming live view from the cockpit.