BillingServ enables a complete online ordering and invoicing service for it’s customers. Enabling businesses to control every aspect of their management, including Payment integrations, Invoicing, Purchasing, Reports, and Tax administration.

BillingServ also allows Businesses to enable customers to have their own accounts to administer payments, support and place orders. Adding to an already powerful suite of tools, BillingServ also offers dedicated and VPS server hosting, SSL certificate sales and 24/7 support for all of its customers.


Company Branding and Backend Development



What We Did

Company Branding, Responsive Web Design, User Management Portal

Cloud Based –

Brick and Mortal Solid

Software as a Service allows BillingServ to always be online and accessible. BillingServ is hosted in the cloud in several datacenters around the world. BillingServ offers a industry-rare 100% uptime resulting from its distributed nature. Sensitive data passed to and from your account is encrypted by our 256-bit SSL Certificate, ensuring the highest possible level of encryption and security. Advanced level DDoS protection and Intrusion detection are some additional examples of site security deployed to protect BillingServ customers.

Features and Options

BillingServ.com features active content, with material design page elements and embedded video. Integrated blog, support portal and user login portal offer additional contact options and user support value. The back end features include advanced DDoS and intrusion detection, global server load balancing, multiple interconnected user and system databases and external API integration with other hardware and billing providers.