With the idea to bring her craft to the world as a new product to help parents reward their kid’s good behavior and character, our client came to us seeking branding, web design, and a place to sell her merchandise.

Time with family faces a constant battle of distractions and busyness, but the Family Honor Plate help families take the time to sit together and reward good character.


ECommerce Design and Branding


Family Honor Plate

What We Did

Company Branding, Responsive Web Design, Customized Shopify Store, Promotional Videos

Tools to enrich

family time with fun


The Honor Plate was developed to help the owner raise her own children.  Through her experience raising and encouraging her own children, she became determined to share her idea with the world.  By creating a positive and encouraging environment, parents are better able to connect with their children.

Options and Features

Family orientend, consumer designs for the users to learn and shop for our client’s product.  This project featured: deeply customized Shopify store with custom images, promotional videos, and ongoing marketing.