Small business telecom spending accounts for nearly $150 billion of expense yearly and continues to grow. Many small businesses simply pay their monthly bills and assume it is the cost of doing business. However, According to a Gartner Group report (2005), over 85% of telecommunications invoices have errors. Without correction these errors and charges can bleed valuable capital from small businesses every month.

Instant Audit was launched to fill a extremely large gap in the Small Business auditing market. With 25 year of large scale, enterprise telecom auditing experience InstantAudit was created to serve smaller scale clients, for a simple flat rate fee, in a quick, secure semi automated process.


InstantAudit Design and Development


Instant Audit Inc.

What We Did

Company Branding, Responsive Web Design, User management

Simple, fast

concise and engaging

The target market for InstantAudit are small business owners and groups. Traditionally people in these positions have very little time, need results, and to know that the job is going to be done right. Instantaudit.com by design has very simple layouts, plain straight forward explanations and friendly attractive graphic options all focusing on the “Get Started” actions, encouraging already time restricted users to engage and begin the process that could save them a considerable amount of their telecom spending budget, while providing the guidance and confidence users need to complete their audit process.

Features and Options

Clean, simple, elegant design, designed to get a user educated, informed and most importantly engaged.  Advanced image scrolling and mouse-over effects, embedded video. Custom media and content elements. Back end design includes User management and database integration including custom exportable outputs and reports.