ionomy.com is a digital currency and mobile gaming platform. ionomy was launched in April of 2016 and has quickly grown to thousands of users. Showcasing HTMLABS front and back end design, ionomy.com is custom built code from the ground up, with useability and security at the forefront.

Featuring active, animated design, high quality user experinces, complex database and trading systems all contained within a bank-grade security environment, ionomy.com is a unique platform within the digital currency industry.


Custom website development and gaming platform



What We Did

Company Branding, Responsive Web Design, Gaming and Rewards Platform

Starting From Scratch

-The Challenges

With the security of the system the foremost concern of the platform, the entire site was created from scratch using custom bootstrap code. From the concept designs and early animations the developers had to balance the ability to scale reliably with creating a user friendly and secure environment that promotes not only engagement but growth of the userbase.

Features and Options

Embedded video, interactive animated scenes, and responsive design are the first elements to greet a visitor. Fluid navigation menus and near instant database queries ensure the user’s wait time is limited only by their connection speed. A full featured currency exchange, auction system, and purchasing are all integrated to the platform. High level database security, and internal API systems were also developed to ensure security, uptime and load scaling