Payora is an advanced payment and merchant services platform designed to bridge the gap between digital and fiat currencies and to help address the difficulty in moving between the two. Using a Payora branded VISA card, users are able to instantly convert digital currency to a point of sale purchase in any fiat currency where cards are accepted.

Reducing fees and expanding access to the unbanked, Payora is also created with the global remittance market in mind. With so many countries having extremely limited money-exchange and money-sending services Payora allows anybody with an internet connection access to a global currency market.


Custom built payment gateway



What We Did

UI Design, custom API, eCommerce integration, payment gateway

Merging Mobile and Desktop

One of the centerpoints of the Payora platform is the mobile app and high level security. The custom mobile iOS and Android apps allow users full management of their Payora account, funds and card all available at a swipe. The app employs a custom designed ultra-secure API that interfeaces with the Payora systems. Users can instantly load their debit card, transfer or exchange digital currency instantly between other Payora users and even those without Payora accounts. All while maintaining security and not sacrificing useability and access.

Features and Options

Payora features a full suite of back and front end solutions including Custom secure API Development, integrated 3rd party API systems including banks and card processing. Bank level security employed from the homepage to the mobile app. Other solutions employed include, e-commerce integration, payment gateway, and merchant services for business customers.