A small, Mississippi based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services company was ready to expand their reach. Moving from a local provider, to a statewide, and toward a nationally-based business, the first priority was to update and modernize their web presence.

The competition for VOIP customers has steadily increased over the last 5 years and having a unique website was important for VOXO to stand out amongst the crowded field of play.


Responsive Web Development, Branding, Marketing Collateral



What We Did

Company Branding, Responsive Web Design, Backend Database

Standing Out in the Crowd

A quick internet search for VOIP providers yields overwhelming results, and most companies pages are remarkably similar and equally bland. While VOIP conversion may not be the most flashy of activities, cost-saving is not the only consideration businesses are making regarding to voip. Making VOXO.CO attractive was not the only goal for the designers, making the pages intuitive and ensuring the navigation flow hooked a user. Guiding the visitors through the VOXO offerings with simple but comprehensive descriptions, case studies, and several easy ways to get in contact with VOXO for more information, leads to increased opportunity for customer acquisition as well as increased buyer confidence.

Features and Options

VOXO.co features active, embedded content, custom marketing media, advance paralax scrolling design, and several alternate layouts for content pages. High quality images, graphics, and custom video are all featured on VOXO.CO adding to an already attractive and engaging page for potential customers.  Additionally, user databases, inventory, sales and marketing database systems were built to assist VOXO’s internal product, service and customer management.